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Race Car Movement Properties

Non-Physical Movements - Race Car Movement Properties

The Race Car movement moves your object like a car seen from above. You can rotate the object with the left and right keys, accelerate with up and decelerate with down. This movement works better when the hot spot of the object is set in the center, and when the object has all the 32 directions defined.


Indicates to which player this movement is affected, from 1 to 4.

Initial direction

Specifies the initial direction of the object, the direction that the object will be facing when the frame starts.


Indicates the maximum speed of the object.


Sets the acceleration ratio of the object, from 0 (no acceleration) to 100 (instant).


Sets the deceleration ratio of the object.

Enable reverse

If set, the object will be allowed to go in reverse. If not set, then only forward speed is allowed.

Moving at start

If unset, the object will be static when the frame starts.

Number of angles

Indicates the number of angles in which the car can turn. From 32 (maximum) to 4 (minimum).

Rotating speed

Specifies how fast the car rotates when the user presses left or right. From 0 (no turn) to 100 (really fast).

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