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Discover the power behind Fusion's Firefly object set. Bring 3d game development to PC and the event editor!

Firefly - 3D for Fusion

A brand new set of objects to power your Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard or Developer with the ability to leverage the event editor to build your own 3d games and apps. Now you can build First Person Shooters, Third Person Adventures, 3d Puzzle Games and more. All using the same kind of Properties, Actions, Conditions and Expressions methods you use for 2d projects in Fusion. 


Product is in constant development - Requires Fusion Build 287.7 or greater - FOR STANDALONE ONLY - See here for Steam users



Basic Node Properties, Actions, Conditions & Expressions

Many of the node objects share similar conditions, actions and expressions.

Firefly Engine Object

Firefly Engine object is the base of the entire Firefly system.

Firefly Camera Object

The Camera object is your “viewport” into the 3d world you create with Firefly.

Firefly 2D Text Object

Displays a 2d text string above the 3d world in the Firefly engine.

Firefly Image Object

The Firefly Image object allows you to place on the highest level a 2d Image that displays over the Firefly engine rendered scene.

Firefly Material Cache Object

The Material Cache object is used to store and array a collection of materials that are used to "skin" a variety of nodes.

Firefly Node Animated Mesh Object

With the Animated Mesh node you can insert an animated mesh into the scene.

Firefly Node Static Mesh Object (Updated)

With the StaticMesh node you can insert an non animated mesh into the scene.

Firefly Movement Object

The Firefly Movement object lets you do complicated movements within the 3D scene easily.

Firefly Node Particle System Object

With the Particle System Node you can insert a particle emitter into the scene.

Firefly Tutorials

Firefly Tutorials