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Bouncing Ball Movement Properties

Non-Physical Movements - Bouncing Ball Movement Properties

The bouncing ball movement makes your object move like a ball that bounces on the obstacle. It is a very handy movement that can be used in a variety of ways, not only for balls (examples, enemies, goals etc.).

The properties of the bouncing ball movement are as follow:


Sets the speed that your object will move at, from 0 (static) to 100 (full speed).


Sets the amount of friction working against your object. By default, deceleration is set to zero so that the ball will bounce on a surface without friction. If you increase the deceleration, the object will lose speed as it moves and will eventually stop.

Moving at start

Enable to have your object moving when the application begins.

Number of angles

This combo-box gives you 3 choices, 8, 16 and 32. These values represent the number of allowed angles for your object. The more angles that you select, the smoother the bounce effect.


Gives the ball a random chance of bouncing in different directions. The higher the setting, the more varied the effect. If you would prefer predictable rebounds, turn this feature off by sliding the randomizer all the way to the left.


Prevents the object to be stuck in a bouncing loop by a applying a random bounce after a certain amount of similar bounces.

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