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Navigate Toolbar

Navigate Toolbar

The Navigate toolbar contains icons to facilitate the navigation in the application, and to open the different editors.
Storyboard Editor Icon

Opens the storyboard editor.

Frame Editor Icon

Opens the frame editor.

Event Editor Icon

Opens the event editor.

Event List Editor Icon

Opens the event-list editor.

Data Elements Icon

Opens the data elements editor.

Previous Frame Icon

Returns one step in the list of opened editors. Clickteam Fusion 2.5 remembers all the editors and frames opened at a time. This icon allows you to navigate in the list and open the previous editor/frame in just one click.

Forward Icon

Goes one step forward in the list of opened editors.

This combo box allows you to jump directly to a specific frame.

Previous Frame Icon

Jumps to the previous frame in the current editor.

Next Frame Icon

Jumps to the next frame in the current editor.

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