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The end

The end

End of the game

The game must end when the number of lives reaches zero. This can be done with this simple event :

  • Number of lives of (Player 1) = 0

: Next frame

Enhancing the game

The game should work now. You have to pay attention to the enemy torpedoes to stay alive. A few suggestions to enhance the game :

  • Add new boats, the library contains a large number of them
  • Find sound effects and background music
  • Add new enemy tropedos
  • Add submarine mines slowly falling in the bottom of the ocean

You can of course add a title and high-score screen to the game (you will find the objects ready in the library).



Thank you for following this tutorial. It has shown you how to create a scrolling game, and make sure the objects stay active even when far from the frame, how to define a complex path movement, how to create objects at random times, how to handle collisions and more.


Graphics by Oliver Pearl

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