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Chocobreak Tutorial - Step 3

Step 3: Dropping in the objects

OK, what we want to create is a breakout-style game. In a breakout game, you typically have a ball, a bat, and some bricks. In this tutorial, we want to create a super breakout game, with impressive graphics, made in 3D.

First, we need to find the graphics for our game. You will not have to draw the graphics on the screen, as we have already done that for you : all the graphics of the game we are going to create are contained in a "library". Libraries are sets of objects ready to be used in Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

How do we locate the graphics library for our game?. As you might have guessed, the library can be found in the "Library" window, on the bottom-left of your display. There, you will see a tree, with folders in it. Click on the "Tutorial" folder, this should display a set of names in the main display of the library toolbar. Locate the "Chocobreak Tutorial" line and double click on it to open it.



As you can see, the library contains a collection of named items : the objects. You might even guess the future use of the objects from their names. For example, "BallGolden" will be the ball we use in our breakout game.

OK, let's drop our first objects. First of all, locate in the library the object named "SugarVertical1". Click on it, and hold the mouse button down, then drag it onto the white area of the frame and release the mouse. You should now see a large object. Click on the object, and drag it to the left of the frame area. This object is the border for the left of our play area.

Proceed with the same method for the object called "SugarHorizontal", and place it at the top of the frame area. Do the same with the object called "SugarVertical2" and drop on the right side.

At the end, your display should look like this:



The objects you have just dropped contain more than meets the eye : they are animated. To see the animation, you have to launch the application. To do so, locate the "Run Frame" icon in the icon bar near the top of your display, and click on it.



A window then appears and "runs" the frame you were working on. Notice that only the white area of the frame is visible. You should now see the three spirals animating. They look pretty good, don't they?

When you are done viewing the animation, close the window by clicking on its close button : you are now back in the frame editor.

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