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Chocobreak Tutorial - Step 13

Step 13: A title screen

Our game is nearly complete. We seem to be missing a title page, though.

For the title page we will want to insert a new frame, so click on the Storyboard editor icon.

Then click on the "3" button, and as before choose to create a frame. A new frame is added at the end of the application. Now click on the empty zone beside the number 3, hold down the mouse key, and drag the frame over the first one.



Release the mouse, the new frame is now the first one in the application.



Let's edit the frame : click on the 1 button to open the Frame editor.

Locate in the library, the object named : ScreenTitle and drop it in the frame. Position it so that it completely covers the white area.



We are going to drop a Button object in this frame : to start the game, you will have to click on the button. Select the option "Insert" / "New object" in the main menu, and click on "Interface" in the left pane. Then choose the Button object in the list of objects displayed. Then drop this object on the frame.
The properties of the new button object are displayed in the property toolbar. We need to change the text of the button : click on the "Text" property, and enter "Play" in the edit zone.



Then resize the button and position it to your heart's desire.



We now need to define the event for this frame. Click on the Event editor button. This event is simple : when the user clicks on the button, we go to the next frame. You should be able to enter this event yourself without explanation. Please give it a try before reading the following text.



If you forgot how, here is a reminder:

Click on New condition to open the New condition dialog box. Right click on the Button object, and select the option "Button clicked?". This is our condition. Now for the action : right click in the empty square under the Storyboard Controls and choose the option "Next Frame" in the menu.

Our game is now finished! After you play it a while, see if you can find someone to try it. That's half the fun of making games. It's a good feeling when someone enjoys something you have created.

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