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Spring Movement

Physical Movements - Spring Movement

The Physics - Spring movement allow you to put springs in your game. An object, when colliding with the spring, will be subjected to a sudden force in the direction of the spring. This object is ideal for platform games. This movement is not intended to move or respond to gravity : the object stays static until another object comes colliding with it. You can though set its position with the "Set position" action. You can, if you want, change the angle of the spring with the "Set angle" action : the spring will rotate on the screen and the angle of its effect will turn accordingly.


  • Spring directions
    This property contains the direction of the spring. The other objects will bounce in that direction when they collide with it.
  • Strength
    This property contains the strength of the spring. The higher the value, the stronger will be the bounce. Please note that the spring also takes into account the speed of the objects when they collide with it.
  • Active at start
    Check this property, and the spring will be active when the frame starts (the objects will bounce into it). If unchecked, you can start it later with the "Start" action.
  • Advanced
    • Engine ID
      This property is designed to be used if you drop more than one Physics - Engine object in your frame. Enter the Engine ID value of the engine you want to use for this movement.
    • Collision shape
      This property defines the collision shape of the object, as seen in this page.
    • Auto-rotations
      This property defines how the object should be displayed, as seen in this page.
    • Smooth rotations
      This option has an effect in Windows applications only. If you check this option the image rendering will be much better when the object is rotated. Note: if your application is in Standard Display mode (non Direct3D) use this option carefully as it takes more processing time in this mode.


  • Stop
    Stops the spring from interfering with the other objects.
  • Start
    Restarts the spring : the next time an object will collide with it, it will bounce.
  • Set speed
    Changes the strength of the spring. A higher value will mean more energetic bounces.
  • Scale / Angle - Set angle
    Use this action to change the orientation of the spring.

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