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Condition negation

Conditions that can be negated

You may want to create a condition that is the opposite of a condition that is available from an object's Conditions menu.

In many cases you can create such a condition by using the Negate operator to modify an existing condition. For example, if you want a condition that checks to see if the mouse pointer is not over a specific object, you can negate the condition "Check for mouse pointer over an object." The negated condition will be true as long as the mouse is not over the selected object.


Here is a list of some of the conditions that can be negated in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. If a condition can be negated, the Negate option in the popup menu you obtain by clicking with the right mouse button on the condition is available.


You can negate all of the conditions for the following objects:

  • Sound
  • Array
  • CD-Audio
  • File
  • Hi-Score
  • Netscape
  • ODBC
  • Picture
  • Window Control

Mouse & Keyboard object conditions that you can negate:

  • Repeat while key is pressed
  • Check for mouse pointer in a zone
  • Check for mouse pointer over an object
  • Repeat while mouse-key is pressed

You can negate the following Player object condition:

  • Repeat while joystick pressed

Collision conditions (associated with many objects) that you can negate:

  • Overlapping another object
  • Overlapping a backdrop

List object and Combo Box object conditions that you can negate:

  • Is enabled?
  • Have focus?
  • Is visible?

Sub-Application object conditions that you can negate:

  • Is application finished?
  • Frame has changed?

Button object condition that you can negate:

  • Is visible?

Date & Time conditions that you can negate:

  • Compare to chrono
  • Compare to count down
  • Is visible?

Edit object conditions that you can negate:

  • Has entry zone just been modified?
  • Does entry zone have input focus?
  • Is entry zone enabled?
  • Is entry zone visible?
  • Is undo information available?
  • Is text a number?
  • Is text selected?

Search object conditions that you can negate:

  • Search in progress?
  • Building index?
  • Whole word search?
  • Case search?
  • Search in subdirectories?

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