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Understanding the Conditions

Understanding the Conditions

Conditions are tests within your applications that trigger one or more actions.

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 determines at runtime whether the condition is true or false and, if it is true, triggers the appropriate action. For example, a condition might dictate that when the user clicks a particular object with the left mouse button the application jumps to the next frame. At runtime, if the user clicks the appropriate object then the condition is true and the next frame appears. If the user does not click the appropriate object then the condition is false and the current frame remains on the screen.


  • Typical conditions that your events can consist of include:
  • Number of lives of Player 1 = 0
  • Start of video
  • Has user pressed "Enter key"?
  • Is timer equal to a certain value?
  • Have all soldiers been destroyed?
  • Collision between rocket and meteorite

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